What is Smart Global Privacy®?

Our vision is safeguard the individuals’ right to privacy by coordinating professional action


As consumers, we consider the protection of our personal data to be a fundamental human right. We want to control, in particular, by artificial intelligence, how our personal information is used and treated.

As professionals, we want to help companies, administrations and non-profit organizations to achieve, through our ecosystem, the highest level of privacy regardless of their location and the legislation they are subject to, and in this way  to enable them to meet and to respect the fundamental right to privacy of individuals.

Our ambition: to develop the software suite that allows us and our Partners to create the world’s leading ecosystem for respecting the individuals’ privacy.


Smart Global Privacy® is a publisher of the Microsoft® Windows Azure hosted software suite that animates the world’s leading  ecosystem for respecting the individuals’ privacy.

Our software suite is distributed exclusively  via Smart Partner Network™ and allows:

(1) Individuals to assert their rights to privacy in a simple and effective way;

(2) Business clients, governments and non-profit organizations to get simple tools for ensuring, with the help of our partners, compliance to privacy legislation worldwide.

The Smart Global Privacy software suite represents  an interactive and intelligent management console allowing, in a simple and smart way, to comply with legislation across different jurisdictions. It also provides access to the world’s leading marketplace for finding reliable partners – the best vendors and service providers working in the domain of privacy.