*Plus applicable sales tax. Pricing in CDN dollars.




$ 50 per month*

  • 1 entity, 1 Project pilot, 1 legal reference: GDPR, 1 language
  • Record of 12 preconfigured generic activities
  • Risk assessment: express audits, in-depth audits, gap analysis, unlimited Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Legal processing registers; my organisation, subcontracting, subcontractors, unlimited international transfers
  • Automatic prioritisation of actions to be carried out according to the unlimited risks
  • Unlimited PDF compliance plan
  • Securing internal risks: access to the marketplace by certified and non-certified partners
  • Unlimited external risk protection
  • Organisation of internal processes: models of compliance documents provided (10)
  • Storage of proof of conformity: unlimited electronic safe
  • Compliance maintenance: management of requests for rights exercises. Incident management. And all aspects of compliance maintenance. Unlimited
  • Governance: unlimited standard dashboards
  • Video training on how to use it
  • Unlimited online help
  • Unlimited online community
  • Unlimited export
  • Activity Logs
  • Public Cloud Hosting IS0 27001 HDS
  • Art 42 GDPR Official Certification Ready
  • Compliance badge
  • Coaching one to 5 people max. – 1/2 day
  • E-learning to raise awareness through serious games, by learners


$ 150 per month*

  • Add your own processing activies to the ROPA
  • Online, PDF, Excel, Word compliance plan
  • Automatic recommendations and prioritization of actions to be carried out according to risks
  • Organisation of internal processes: models of compliance documents provided (80)
  • Unlimited ticket support
  • Telephone support
  • Automation of requests for rights exercises
  • Management of cookie consent
  • Interface to your corporate colors
  • Up to one additional user


$ 300 per month*

  • 1 internal or external DPO access with dedicated interface
  • Interface in 2 languages - chosen from 8 languages
  • Unlimited additional internal or external participant(s)
  • Organisation of internal processes: models of compliance documents provided, import of your documents
  • Customization of the repository(s) subscribed with Compliance Design Studio
  • Primary model replication
  • Rollback on events
  • Sandbox
  • Accommodation on premise
  • Real-time risk prevention
  • Advanced management of participant profiles
  • Connector from/to third-party applications
  • Automatic translation of your content, by translated language
  • Access to customizable dashboards
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Import
  • Extension to other international regulations
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting
  • Data Mapping: identify specific data processing, pre-configuration for 700 business sectors, more than 55,000 processing


$ 550 per month*

  • Interface in 8 languages
  • Unlimited project pilots
  • Unlimited number of internal or external Data Protection Officers
  • Unlimited legal entity management. Centralize all compliance in the same interface.
  • Unlimited number of legal repositories
  • Access to multi-entities management module