Our History

Smart Global Privacy was launched by consumers who were passionate about protection of privacy

As consumers, we consider the protection of our personal data to be a fundamental human right. We want to control, in particular, by artificial intelligence, how our personal information is used and treated.

We would like to see the organizations that got our data:

  • demonstrating more transparency regarding the process of data collection and using the collected data,
  • ensuring the security and the confidentiality of our data,
  • allowing us to maintain control, because our personal data is an integral part of our identity, and respect for our identity as a fundamental human right.

As professionals, we have decided to act:

  • to satisfy consumers’ and users’ needs relating to their legitimate expectations of protecting their personal data;
  • to respect legal obligations imposed on everybody.

and to overcome obstacles:

  • How to comply with the legislation that varies from country to country?
  • How to maintain compliance?
  • Who will work with us?

The timeline of Smart Global Privacy®

  • We created Smart Global Privacy® Solutions
  • June 2016 : we start working on the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe.
  • February 2017 : we create Smart GDPR in Monaco.
  • January 2018 : we start the commercialisation of Smart GDPR.
  • April 2018 : opening of our first Center of Excellence in Paris, France.
  • June 2018 : opening of our second Center of Excellence in Montpellier, France.
  • September 2018 : opening of our third Center of Excellence in Barcelona, Spain.
  • October 2018 : Smart GDPR becomes Smart Global Privacy.
  • January 2019 : opening of our Center of Excellence in Berlin, Brussels, Eindhoven, London, Madrid, Stockholm, San Francisco, Trento.
  • February 2019 : opening of our Centre of Excellence in Sophia Antipolis, France.