The Foundation Partage et Vie

The Foundation Partage et Vie

Formerly Caisses d’Epargne pour la solidarité (FCEs), the Foundation Partage et Vie fights against all forms of exclusion, particularly those related to age, illness or disability.

A Foundation of public utility serving the most fragile persons

The Foundation manages 117 establishments and services and it is one of the leading private non-profit institutions for hosting dependent elderly people.

To meet the needs of people who are vulnerable due to age, disability or illness, the Foundation offers:

  • hosting establishments for elderly persons (Nursing homes / and Residences for people with disabilities);
  • nursing services at home;
  • support services at home;
  • day patient facility;
  • institutions for adults with disabilities;
  • health establishments specialized in follow-up care and rehabilitation;
  • remote assistance devices;
  • Local Information and Coordination Centre ;
  • Training centre for nursing assistants.
France Parkinson

France Parkinson

France Parkinson chose to work with Smart Global Privacy®, the most complete GDPR compliance suite and the Foundation is very satisfied with it.

Founded in 1984 by Professor Yves Agid, France Parkinson is an association with a network of 74 local committees, 460 volunteers and 10,000 members / donors. France Parkinson acts with efficiency and commitment to:

  • Improve the daily lives of patients and their loved ones;
  • Promote research against Parkinson’s disease;
  • Raise public awareness and mobilizing public authorities;
  • Train health professionals to the specificities of Parkinson’s disease.

Today, in France more than 200,000 people suffer from Parkinson’s disease, and 25,000 new cases are diagnosed every coming year.