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Products and Services offered by our Partners of Smart Partner Network™
SupportTraining services
LegalLegal representative
Risk reductionInsurance
Data MappingConsulting
Data MappingSoftwares
Risk reductionData minimization
Risk reductionStorage period management
Risk reductionData update management
Risk reductionInformation of data subjects
Risk reductionConsent management
Risk reductionRight to object management
Risk reductionRight to restrict management
Risk reductionRight of access management
Risk reductionRight to rectification management
Risk reductionRight to be forgotten management
Risk reductionRequest management
Risk reductionData transfer
Risk reductionData anonymization
Risk reductionEncryption services
Risk reductionIntegrity control services
Risk reductionBackup services
Risk reductionData partitioning
Risk reductionLogical access control
Risk reductionNetworks
Risk reductionLogging
Risk reductionSystem monitoring
Risk reductionDesktop management
Risk reductionIT Outsourcing
Risk reductionIT Development
Risk reductionCall center
Risk reductionAccounting and management
Risk reductionData intelligence
Risk reductionRe-optinisation
Risk reductionBrowsers
Risk reductionMessaging systems
Risk reductionWebsites
Risk reductionRemote access
Risk reductionRemote control
Risk reductiontelecom and mobile
Risk reductionSystem security services
Risk reductionRisk management
Risk reductionData breaches
Risk reductionDocument marking
Risk reductionStaff management
Risk reductionInternal rules management
Risk reductionMaintenance  services
Risk reductionArchive services
Risk reductionPhysical access services
Risk reductionHardware
Risk reductionPaper documents services
Risk reductionPaper sending services
Risk reductionPremise security services